Thursday, September 24, 2009

S Girls

I've known these two little girlies since before they were born.
I used to watch my friend's belly in horror as the little aliens inside squirmed and rolled
around in there (this was obviously before I had my own kids).

They really are turning out quite nicely - and I think you can see what beautiful women they're going to be someday.

Aside from a few normal sibling "Stop touching me"s, they did fantastic.

Thanks for being my models S Girls!!


  1. you captured them perfectly ... they are beautiful!! thanks for a fun day! let's do it again real soon!

  2. I almost can't BEAR how old these girls are!! You are very good Nicki. I have missed you...

  3. I just got home from Sara's and heard about Nixi!! You are amazing!! I miss you and learning from you (and envying your talents, even though I can do that from a far and I do).